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Business Union IBA

    Business Union IBA is:
  • A business partnership of consumers and producers of services in the field of intellectual support and following of the business.
  • Union of world market leaders in the sphere of consulting, working in Russia.
  • A system of promoting international ethical norms and rules of business conduct into the standards of activity of Russian entrepreneurial community.
  • Communicational, informational, investment, business and lobby platform ensuring the growth of business for the participants of project and development of their brands in the new post-crisis reality.
  • System of sectoral self-regulated organizations with professional expert councils.
  • A network of branches and representative offices in all federal regions of Russia.
  • Performing its activity and supporting the activity of its members, IBA business union positively influences the forming of a civilized business environment and favorable investment climate in Russia.


The main national trend of the formed decade is the modernization of economy, without which Russia will not be able to occupy key positions in the global process of creating of a post-crisis economical architecture. To solve this task among other measures it is necessary to create new and implement new effective mechanisms in the practice of intellectual business following. The system of interaction between the state, the business and the producers of intellectual product is often based on an indistinct order, absence of responsibility for the end result, ineffective communication, dumping and corruption schemes. All this together does not allow to increase the level of market organization and approach the creation of innovative economic model.


The creation of a Non-commercial Partnership of producers and consumers of services in the field of intellectual business support and following in January 2010 became an answer to the social demand. The initiators of the project were the leading associations, consulting companies and universities Jones Lang LaSalle, AVERS Group, KOSMOS-AUDIT Group, CJSC ProgramBank, Institute of Value Management, Corporation of development of Yakutia, High School of Economics state university, French-Russian institute of business administration. The project was supported by the Chamber of commerce of Russia and the National Council of appraisal activity.

Intellectual Business Alliance

Non-commercial partnership IBA Business Union was created for building of a new system of interaction between the state, business owners and consultants, which will provide the participants of the project with an opportunity of receiving a full complex of services of increasing the business profitability according to one stop-shop principle. This system also assumes the introduction and promotion of international ethical norms and rules of business conduct in the standards of activity of Russian entrepreneurial community.

Being a business and communicational platform IBA Business Union contributes:

  • Forming of business portfolio of professional participants in the market of intellectual business following.
  • Getting of an optimal solution of any business tasks of any complexity level by the consumers of such services.
  • A constructive dialogue within the framework of IBA Business Union will allow two audiences and representatives of the state to better understand the possibilities and requirements of post-crisis business environment, meet those requirements in a consolidated way and prepare the business community toward the introduction of the respective innovations.