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Plus, if you're dressed up as characters, you still want to remember your fantasy throughout your entire romp, she adds.Masturbate During Breaks Get this: A 15-minute to 20-minute porn scene can take at least an hour to create, says Drake.But by no means are the porn stars going at it for that long—people need to catch their breath at some point, and the same goes for you.Interruptions happen, whether the kids need attention or your partner loses his erection mid-sex. Drake masturbates between takes to keep herself turned on.

The store, a dollar discount store, was busy so time was moving along.This way, she's ready to get back in the game when halftime is over.MORE: The Best Masturbation Tips Ever Switch Between Foreplay and Intercourse Sex should never be a linear action, says Drake."Something more elaborate shows that you're making the time and effort to dress up and do something special for your partner," says Drake, who has to prep for movies by wearing some very realistic costumes.Sure, it's all pretend, but we bet you'll get way more into your sexy doctor role if you're not in an itchy, uncomfortable polyester dress.

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