Absolutely dating herpes site

And as much as I wanted to think that I was totally non-judgmental about it, my reaction when I was diagnosed told me that wasn’t the case.

Unfortunately, all that DTBA can do is acknowledge her mistake, make herself vulnerable, and accept his reaction.” “But whatever happens, she doesn’t deserve to be alone,” they said. They did the right, honest thing, and now they’re getting punished for it. Have I perpetuated the stigma of having herpes because I’m scared of ending up in the “life is harder now” group?And those messages aren’t good – and contribute to the challenges faced by those of us who are STI-positive.People with STIs, including herpes, face discrimination, like any other marginalized group does.But after doing my research and contemplating, I decided that I’d rather contract HSV than feed into the stigma.I don’t expect everyone to share the same feelings as me, but that was my choice.

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