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Newsom was the highest-ranking official to endorse the initiative. In 2015, the group released a report that Newsom said offered "not only a pathway to carefully crafting a thoughtful initiative but it also gives government the tools to follow up with implementation, if voters decide to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana for adult use." Proposition 64, which legalized recreational marijuana for people 21 years and older, passed with 57 percent voter support in 2016.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memorandum rescinding the Cole Memorandum in January 2018.

His political career began in 1996, when Mayor Willie Brown appointed him to the San Francisco Parking and Traffic Commission.

Newsom said the following in his inaugural address on January 7, 2019: "[T]here is an administration in Washington hostile to California’s values and interests.

California has always helped write America’s future. [W]hat we do today is even more consequential because of what’s happening in our country.

People’s lives, freedom, security, the water we drink, the air we breathe—they all hang in the balance.

Arguments against the initiative included that it would take money away from those who spent it on housing, substance abuse treatment, and other necessities without adequately replacing those services.

In February 2004, Newsom directed the San Francisco county clerk to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, contrary to state law—a decision The Mercury News said "sparked Gavin Newsom’s political rise." He issued the order after attending President George W.

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