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For the tiebreaker, they'd have to guess how many calories were in the dinner without going over.Amanda and Rebecca went the closest without going over and won the challenge. and dropped four -- giving them a combined weight-loss percentage of 2.21%. I can't believe I just lost four pounds on the scale -- eating a ton of calories, restricted workouts -- everything against me," said Tracey. " Julio weighed in next as the sole member of the Black Team, and he needed to lose seven pounds to stay safe. and only lost four for a total weight-loss percentage of 1.09%.With the votes tied, Allen said the Green Team also had a hard time making a decision and decided to use logic -- so they chose Julio.Allison asked what Allen meant by "logic." He explained that while Julio is one of his closest friends, he felt he had a chance to help two people instead of one by keeping the Brown team.Tracy's fellow Purple Team member Mozziz "Mo" Dewalt explained it was a "favor" with nothing coming back to the Purple Team in return, however Shay wasn't buying it. In addition, Tracey said she plans on talking to a doctor about still being on restricted workouts due to the injuries she suffered during the season's premiere.Afterward, Jillian implored Julio to work harder and asked if he was happy being so overweight.That night, the contestants learned that the kitchen was on lock down for the week -- meaning they would have to order out every single Allison Sweeney then explained it was time for a pop challenge in which each contestant would have three choices of dinner and had to choose the healthiest.

"That's why I think they were fighting for me to stay there which I thought was amazing...

Liz and Danny were the first two contestants out, eliminating the Brown Team. Rebecca went next -- ousting the Pink Team from the challenge -- and she was followed by Dina Mercado, meaning the Blue Team was also out. "it is what it is." The Pink team was the last to weigh in. Liz and Danny joined Julio below the yellow line and were thus up for elimination -- and Julio thought it would be a better decision for the other contestants to oust the Brown Team.

Mo then fell, eliminating the Purple Team, and Shay subsequently followed. Last-chance workouts then began, with Bob and Jillian pushing everybody to their limits, and Tracey lamented the fact that she couldn't participate. and shed five -- giving them a total weight-loss percentage of 2.57%. "Two gone versus one is better for everyone in the house eventually," he rationalized.

The contestants subsequently explained the kitchen lock down to Bob and Jillian -- who then took them to dinner to show them how to order healthy foods. He said it was "tough" to know he was below the yellow line.

The contestants then arrived at a water park for their next challenge, and Allison revealed they'd be playing for team immunity at the upcoming weigh-in. Each contestant would grab hold of a handlebar on a platform, which would then rotate and get steeper until it went vertical. Abby Rike and Tracey sat out due to their injuries. and dropped eight -- giving them a combined weight-loss percentage of 1.74%. "I struggled mightily to get those four pounds and I'm proud of every one of them," he said. and shed four -- giving them a total weight-loss percentage of 1.86%.

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