Are tessa virtue scott moir dating

his figure skating partner of 21 years Tessa Virtue.

Turns out, the whole time Moir and Virtue were staring passionately into each other’s eyes and grinding-on-ice like their plane was going down, their relationship really *was* as platonic and professional as they said it was. “My Aunt Carol, she’s pretty good at picking partners, I will say that,” he said during his acceptance speech.

In case you wanted proof, here is a video that one stealthy Twitter user captured from the event’s live broadcast: Moir has mentioned he had a partner before Virtue in the past, and now we know that partner was Mascarin, but little else is known about his fiancé at press time.

Some Scott and Tessa fan accounts on Twitter noted that Moir had a “new girlfriend” in January of this year but otherwise, the internet is more or less dry.

In the 2001–02 season, Virtue and Moir won the bronze medal at the 2002 Canadian Championships at the novice level.

The following season, they placed 7th at the 2003 Canadian Championships in the junior division.

After taking a two-season break from the sport, they returned to competition in the fall of 2016 and became the 2017 World champions, having an unprecedented undefeated season. Virtue and Moir are holders of the world record score for the now-defunct original dance. Moir attended Medway High School (Arva, Ontario), in addition to an electronic learning high school called AMDEC. In August 2019 he announced his engagement to his former skating partner Jaclyn Mascarin.In 2010, they became the first ice dancers from North America to win an Olympic gold medal, ending the 34-year streak of the Europeans.They are the youngest ice dance team ever to win an Olympic title.With ice dance partner Tessa Virtue, he is the 2010 Olympic champion, the 2018 Olympic champion, the 2014 Olympic silver medalist, a three-time World champion (2010, 2012, 2017), a three-time Four Continents champion (2008, 2012, 2017), the 2016–17 Grand Prix Final champion, an eight-time Canadian national champion (2008–2010, 2012–2014, 2017–2018), and the 2006 World Junior champion.Moir and Virtue are also the 2018 Olympic gold medalists in the team event and the 2014 Olympic silver medalists in the team event.

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