Aston merrygold dating louisa lytton again

Merrygold performed in school productions and, after leaving school in 2004, was cast in a new ITV children's programme, Fun Song Factory alongside children's TV presenter Laura Hamilton. JB Gill was recruited soon after, and they later changed their name to JLS, which was thought up by Marvin's girlfriend at the time.In 2008, they auditioned for the fifth series of The X Factor, where they went on to finish in second place to Alexandra Burke.Merrygold then revealed that he would be releasing a six-track EP instead of the Showstopper album, also called Precious.Merrygold posted a yellow picture on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, asking fans to "play around" with the filters to reveal a "hidden message", which revealed the name of the EP and its release date, 28 April 2017.Aston Merrygold is currently dating Frankie Sandford from the Saturdays !is an English singer-songwriter, dancer and television personality.

Whilst still attending secondary school, he played football on behalf of England in the European Youth Games.Critics have said that the single has Bruno Mars vibes and is based on influences such as Michael Jackson and Prince.The follow-up single, "Show Me", was released in Australia in November 2015.The couple announced their engagement in December 2017.Updated dolls were produced for the launch of JLS' 2nd Album "Outta This World".

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