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In my effort to meet bisexual singles I was really thankful I found in my searches.I could say how I was a bisexual man who was looking for equally bi-sexual or bi-curious men and women (or for those hoping to meet a bi-couple, that is an option too).It is a rare breed as help its members to find other bisexual firends.It is a relatively popular website that caters specifically to bisexual people from the community as well as people who are curious about bisexual relationships, it is also a site known for creating long term relationships than most other bisexual dating sites online.

The site offers plenty of good resources for meeting bisexual couples and get swinger dating.

I liked this as sometimes there ARE people a bit unsure of their sexuality, and being able to indicate if I wanted such people in my results or filtered-out in favor of folk who fully embraced a bisexual identity was handy.

This way I knew if possibly the person I was dating was still, "In the closet," so-to-speak about their bi-identity, or felt open to having our dates out-and-about.

After so much time struggling to find a place I could feel comfortable being openly bisexual it was wonderful to feel like I found a bisexual club for people who realize that being bi does not mean you are, "Just a straight person after attention," or, "Denying how you're gay." It really made me happy!

I also appreciated how individuals could specify if they considered themselves bi or bi-curious, as I briefly mentioned above.

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