Bitch and dating book

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A negative review by anonymous blogger “Silver Fox” devastates Maddie and even though she knows not to engage with negative reviews, she gets drunk and sends back a scathing message. They exchange some antagonistic messages for a while until declaring a truce and becoming friendly (and flirty).However, you don’t know the first thing about my experiences. Going by your chosen screen name, I’d guess you’re some sixty-year-old virgin whose romantic prospects are busy swiping left. I mean, yes, this was a colossal mistake but she was drunk. Cue Silver Fox’s response (he doesn’t know who Maddie is, as she’s writing under a penname and her new book is a secret): Ms. It’s up to you if you want to follow it around explaining to people how they’re reading it all wrong, but I wouldn’t advise that. That would be a disservice to our readers—my intended audience. If you have trouble with that, perhaps you should find a way to avoid reading the comments? Cheers, Silver Fox My problem is this: even when she’s sober, Maddie continues to send antagonistic and insulting messages to Silver Fox.For your information, I was involved in a long-term relationship throughout most of the writing of this novel. If you want to show that emotion to your reader, here’s an idea: Put it in the book. And no, I’m neither sixty years old, nor a virgin, though I contend neither of those would disqualify me from knowing plausible romantic chemistry. I understand why: Silver Fox is acting like an asshole!Unfortunately, they kept referring back to how they met, in a “wasn’t that silly and funny” kind of way.Every time, I suffered copious amounts of second-hand embarrassment.

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