Bonang matheba and euphonik dating

As she dropped the charges, people had accusations that Matheba lied about the incident.“I never anticipated how badly I would be treated when the story of my break-up was leaked.Although Euphonik has made it clear in numerous social media posts that he would never abuse a woman it seems like he has no problem publicly humiliating one.

Euphonik trended for accusations that he sent DMs to a social media influencer’s girlfriend.

In 2018, Matheba alongside Superbalist, dropped a collection of T-shirts named "BONANG by Bonang Matheba".

The T-shirts had famous Bonang quotes printed on them, including "Mo'ghel", "Give The People What They Want" and "#IAm Bonang".

Matheba accused Euphonik of physically assaulting her in 2012, allegations the DJ denies to this day.

In 2015, Marie Claire’s campaign against women abuse had DJ Euphonik take part in it wearing stilettos like the other men involved in the campaign, a decision that was immediately met with public criticism.

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