C datagridview bound to datatable not updating

I solve the "non-displaying" problem, but still have the "selection" problem. Thanks, -- George Hi Jeffrey, My code is similar to yours, with one exception. Hence, there is no interaction to the Data Grid View.

I also notice that, as soon as I delete or cell-update a row, all these problems go away. I suspect the "in-activity" is causing the refresh problem. As soon as I "interactively" delete a row, everything is fine. Thanks, -- George ""Jeffrey Tan[MSFT]"" wrote: Hi George, Thanks for your post!

If I minimize and show my form, the new rows are now shown in my form. I have a File System Watcher which detects a new input file.

The problem I am having is that I have some functions that will build a new Data Table object which is separate from the original which needs to replace the original Data Table that is bound to the Data Grid View.

Hi, I have been encountering a refresh problem with Data Grid View, which is bound to a Data Table.

When I make updates (Add, Delete, update) to the Data Grid View, everything flow nicely to Data Table. However, when I add data (programatically) to the Data Table, the Data Grid View does not refresh right away.

Yes, I think your background information is critical regarding resolving your problem. Comment: Wrapping these calls become very cumbersome, and potentially a bottle neck since UI thread may be bogged down by work.

File System Watcher event fires in another thread other than the main GUI thread, if you add the new row into the Data Table directly, the . Does Microsoft plan to make Data bound control such as Data Grid View, multi-thread safe?

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