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Now it’s actually rolling out to everyone on i OS and Android, allowing up to four friends to group video call together through Instagram Direct.

With the feed, Stories, messaging, Live, IGTV and now video calling, Instagram is hoping to become a one-stop-shop for its 1 billion users’ social needs.

Simply connect this USB webcam to your computer and video chat instantly with Skype, Windows Live! A click is all you need to share your favorite HD videos with the world. Also, with password-protected parental control, there's no worrying about unauthorized use by your child or anyone else.

Post them up on Facebook and You Tube easily using the one-click uploading feature from the free and user-friendly Live!

But it isn't perfect: Livetext's keyboard takes up about half the screen, and you can't move the small circle that shows your own face.

That circle is also really small — if you want to show your friend something that you're looking at, it can be difficult to tell what you've captured in the frame.

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Less certain is whether it will ever come to feel essential.Isn't the whole point of video to be able to see and hear what's going on somewhere else? Often, text is the easiest and most convenient way to talk to someone, but it can lack nuance and lead to misunderstandings.How often have you received a text that says nothing but "Ok." and felt an irrational sense of panic and annoyance?A couple of weeks ago, we wrote that Yahoo had quietly released Livetext, its new messenger app, and was testing it in Hong Kong.The company must have been satisfied, because as of today Livetext will be available in five new countries — the United States, the UK, Canada, Germany, and France.

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