Car registration dating

In theory, this system will run until we get to February 2051 unless a future government changes it before then. In practice, dealerships are allocated batches of registration numbers, so your local dealer will probably have a run of consecutive numbers.When they have used up all of that allocation, they will be assigned another batch. The letters I and Q are not used because they can be confused with 1 and 0 or O, and the DVLA withholds any combinations that may be considered offensive or sweary – we won’t give you any examples but you can use your imaginations…is a question that we have been asked by many people, many times, over many years…The current number plate system in Great Britain has been around since September 2001.For cars registered between September and February, it’s slightly more complicated.The numeric code equals the year (as of September) plus 50.If you look closely at the list below, you will see that the letters I, Q and Z are never used in the location identifier.The two numbers are called the ‘age identifier’, which tells you in which six-month period the car was first registered.

this used to be determined by the DVLA office where the registration took place, however the DVLA closed all its regional offices at the end of 2013 and now handles new registrations directly with car dealerships through an online system.When you change cars, you are allowed to keep your number plate if you don’t want to have to remember a new number every time you change your car. It simply involves giving the DVLA an unnecessarily large amount of money, filling in an unnecessarily large amount of paperwork and waiting an unnecessarily long time for them to get around to processing it… Understanding your credit history and credit score 9. In fact, the DVLA’s official guide to number plates has already dropped the blue strip and EU stars from the left-hand side of its example number plate as shown below.We’re also not going to discuss any of the previous number plate systems before 2001.

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