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They'll need each other more than ever, but need is a complicated thing; and Sam and Dean are either the best thing for each other or the very worst. Gordon didn’t notice it until after Joe had gone (the first time, after the truckful of burning computers), but once he did it was impossible to ignore.

When a hunter turns up dead at their motel--because of course one does--they find themselves at an uncomfortable crossroads: Just trying to survive the job itself is probably going to kill them before their monster can.

The fae price recoiled out of fear, but the king persisted, changing course and cupping his cheeks. …as witnessed, told, and suffered through by the Bravest Warrior of the Sea, Usopp.

'Cursed or not,' he finished, leaning in and kissing his companion. He looked at Niall like he was remembering something. “Like you’re ready to deliver some newspapers or somethin’.” Niall’s laughter made his cheeks redder, his heart beat faster.

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Good or bad Even though it does not entail a serious commitment, casual dating comes with its own set of issues, especially if expectations seep in.

Modi explains, saying, “Things can go wrong when you start taking everything seriously and expectations increase.” For example, if your partner didn’t take your call initially, you might be indifferent to it, but if you get a little serious about your partner, these small things may become bothersome in the long run.

He’s warm and nice and Hansol kind of likes when he hugs him from behind.

He doesn’t think of himself as particularly tactile, but he doesn’t mind with Minghao.

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