Catholic boy dating jewish girl

“Marriage preparation becomes a possible moment of grace.” Despite the rise in interfaith and interchurch marriages, they’re not at an all-time high.According to CARA, the highest rate of interfaith marriages took place in the 1970s and 1980s, when young Catholics dispersed from East Coast and Midwestern cities into areas of the country where there were fewer Catholic enclaves.They plan to raise their children Catholic, but they both say their kids will be well aware of their Jewish heritage, and they were encouraged to raise them as such by Bline.Respect for both of their beliefs extended into their wedding ceremony, which was led by both the priest and the rabbi.

The classes suggested they pick one religion for their future children.

There were readings from the Hebrew scriptures and the New Testament, signing of an interfaith ketubah (a Jewish marriage contract), drinking from a kiddush cup, and the couple stood under a chuppah, or canopy during the ceremony.

All the ceremony components were explained to guests in an extensive program.

“It was important for me to marry someone Jewish at that time,” she says, adding that her mother was also a big advocate of marrying someone of the same faith.

Mike was raised Catholic, in what he calls a “very religious family.” He went to a Catholic school and attends Mass regularly.

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