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Avoid using all capital letters as that is thought of as shouting.Treat an online conversation in the same way you treat an in-person conversation.Never share personal information with someone you don’t know.While most people would not easily provide a credit card number or some other financial information to a stranger, there is plenty of other personal information that should remain private when you are online chatting with strangers.That would include meeting the person face to face and using video chat sites to see what the person really looks like.

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There are plenty of reasons someone engages in catfishing. Some people just want to be someone different than they are in real life.There are also some people that want to start a relationship so they can take advantage of the other person in the future.It is a message that is repeated over and over, but some people forget to listen to it.It was possible to go days, weeks or months without interacting with a person back then.Schedules, work, and distance always seemed to interfere with staying up to date. It meant getting out of the house to go where other people were.

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