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A woman holds her own stomach, and the man she’s partnered with copies.“Isn’t this kind of awkward?” I ask Luna.“I just want to get them out of their own heads — focused on the other person,” he says. They’re stuck in their heads.”He is onto something. Facebook.” Walking around inside the circle and making eye contact with each student, he tells a story about receiving a Facebook invitation to a party.

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It genuinely makes Erika happy to see others find happiness and share her secrets to success at online dating.Her book, Love at First Site, has also received high acclaim.As a very early adopter of online dating, starting in 2001, Erika knew that this then-new way of meeting people seemed promising.After a few more stories like that one, Luna offers some tips: Focus on something specific. If you’re talking about a car, give us its make and color. You can’t get close with people if you’re afraid to touch them, Luna says.Two people stand in the middle of the circle and must keep both hands on each other at all times. But whereas two hours ago people weren’t engaging at all, now everyone howls as the pair finds creative ways to make contact.

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