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Kenny and Hargrove had experience in theater arts and Christopher is a stage performer, so much of the show was structured in that way.It was a remarkably well-conceived and well-received television show and lasted a respectable 3 years, but because of the material it was considered "pushing the envelope" too much and was canceled.His growing up experience was on the extreme end of what most people would consider, "dysfunctional." His father, Ken Titus, was a hard-drinking, chain-smoking womanizer with a string of failed marriages that each ended with Ken getting cleaned out of everything he had and constantly fighting for custody of his children, professionally a salesman and a former National Guardsman.He used Tough Love (that sometimes bordered on self-esteem-crushing sadism) to set Titus and his brother, Dave, straight .His act caught the attention of FOX television producers Jack Kenny and Brian Hargrove who met with him about adapting his act now named "Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding" into the television show Titus, which aired in early 2000.They took many of the bits of the act and adapted it into entire episodes, and other episodes were directly inspired by events from Christopher's life.The results surprised him as the audience loved it and if he ever went back to the "walk into a store" routine they would immediately turn off.Eventually his material encompassed everything about his family and the stuff he had to deal with.

" When he started traveling the stand-up circuit, he kept his material in the realm of observational comedy of the "Hey, you ever walk into a store and see..." type.

Christopher Titus (born 1966) is a comedian who has done work in many different areas of entertainment, but primarily in Stand Up Comedy.

Born in California, he began stand-up at the age of 18 with a simple gag he did at his high school about how to properly throw freshmen into the garbage can.

He proceeded to explain how horrible an idea it was, but did it infront of her entire staff, making a life long enemy.

After the show he continued to make random TV appearances but regularly made the stand-up circuit.

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