Comedy speed dating up the creek

Best of all, a varied schedule greets comedy lovers from all backgrounds during the week.

The first Wednesday of every month sees the unique innovation of comedy speed dating; Thursdays play host to the Comedy Variety show, a free open mic night where new comedians can take their first stand-up steps in front of a legendarily tough comedy audience; Fridays and Saturdays see a traditional line-up of stand-up comedians, followed by a less traditional disco after the show; finally, the weekly Sunday Special event offer a first class end to the week.

is a brilliant romantic comedy about Greg, who has recently broken up with his girlfriend, trying out speed dating.

But who will survive in such a bloodthirsty age as this? It tells the story of Gabe, who has decided to end his life, but needs a little help.

Lenny offers his services for people in such a situation.

However, the talkative Lenny does not like to make things too simple, and also has to avoid being the one to actually pull the trigger.

It seems that Lenny is a disaster looking for somewhere to happen.

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