Communication dating tips

Listening is a very important part of effective communication.A good listener can encourage their partner to talk openly and honestly.Consider, and try, ways to communicate differently.See whether the results improve your communication.If you are having difficulty expressing yourself, or talking with your partner about something, you might find it helps to talk to a counsellor.If you can’t seem to improve the communication in your relationship, consider talking with a relationship counsellor.These people may be good listeners, or they may be people whose actions speak louder than their words.

All relationships have ups and downs, but a healthy communication style can make it easier to deal with conflict, and build a stronger and healthier partnership.

It is better to act early and talk to someone about your concerns, rather than wait until things get worse.

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We need to communicate clearly to avoid misunderstandings that may cause hurt, anger, resentment or confusion.

It takes two people to have a relationship and each person has different communication needs and styles.

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