Core data property not updating

Turns out you have two options (well, actually there are more than that, but let’s focus on these two for starters).Let’s say you need a way to record someone’s basic details (like their name, age etc).

I'm on the fence about the best way of implementing the Core Data updating.My app works around a "manifest", if you will, that describes the items/objects that the app can operate on.The latest version of the manifest, which is just a JSON document on our server, gets pulled and parsed by the client at the beginning of a new session.Let’s start with the bit our users will actually see; the form itself. We’ve got a single text box (first Name) and the form is going to send its data via an HTTP Post.Unless we indicate otherwise, this will post back to the same location used to serve the form. Run this, enter a name, submit the form and all you’ll get is a half-complete sentence.

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