Cow dating

The artwork depicts three cows total, with the largest of them spanning more than seven feet wide, according to .

In the painting, one of the cows appears to have a spear piercing its flank and they are a part of a series of similar paintings found in the cave that were made using a red-orange, iron-oxide pigment.

"Sheep breeding is similarly data driven so maybe 'ewe-Harmony' should be next." For now though, the dating lives of cows are the only focus of this little ray of bovine intervention. Someday, you might meet the perfect couple — a cow and bull that just seem so right for each other. And they will probably answer at the same time — "We met on Tudder!

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The artwork, depicting a trio of cows, dates back 40,000 years, making it the oldest known figurative painting — one in which real-life objects are shown rather than primitive abstract shapes.Aubert told the , “I think for a lot of us, that’s a true expression of human-ness in the broadest sense of that word.” The cow cave art is a remarkable find and when you think about what the painting represents in regards to human culture as we know it, the discovery only becomes more groundbreaking.The notion that the erratic mating behavior of humans parallels the predictable mating behavior of the animal kingdom is hardly new.“It’s clearly like someone decided to depict what they saw, like an animal or like another human,” Maxime Aubert, an archaeologist and author of the study published in Dr.Aubert and his team tested the calcium carbonate deposits surrounding the image using dating techniques which allowed them to discover the painting’s age.

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