Cruise ship crew dating

Free room and board, exotic locations, beautiful sunsets, etc. If crew are caught sleeping with guests (they made us call them ‘guests,’ but we call you ‘cones’ when you can’t hear us), they’re put off in the next port with a ticket home. If it was still uneaten on the third day, it became ‘Boob Food.’ Someone squirted a little areola of a whipped-cream like, edible oil product on the top, and placed a single raspberry on top. Officer’s Food – This is for anyone three stripes and above.

Sounds fair – but some of these kids had just started working and had no money saved up that could get them home. The percentage of people with an STD triples when you compare entry vs. The officer’s mess will sometimes cook custom goodies in exchange for favors from the officers.

So, basically, the guy was homeless and stranded in Mexico until the ship got around to sending his passport home to the Philippines and his family managed to ship it back to him. During my cruise, we did ‘Dancing With The Stripes’ every cruise, and it was the same songs, and I did the same ‘routine’ every week.

He was a cook and would sit outside my room, yelling things like how we were meant to be together and blah blah blah.I was in the entertainment staff and managed all of the productions.Unless there was a broken bone, the dancers had to perform every single night, usually 2-3 shows a night, regardless of how much pain they were in.They also only get paid 0-300 a month…that doesn’t even cover their airfare to get to the cruise ship, nor does it cover their uniform costs.The “charged to the room card” tips that are given to these hard working individuals do not actually go into their pocket – the majority goes to their bosses who sit in their office all day.

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