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NOTE: The way this guide was written will require you to use a relative path to specify the header files you wish to include.

A colormap matrix can have any number of rows, but it must have exactly 3 columns.

Each row is interpreted as a color, with the first element specifying the intensity of red, the second green, and the third blue.

We will need a variety of power supplies (5V for the Raspberry Pi, 12V for heaters, mains for the pump).

I had an old computer case in the Attic, so we used that - it has a power supply that gives 5V, 12V high current, /-12V and 3.3V, so plenty for what we need.

While a resume is typically only a page or two in length, a CV is more detailed and therefore longer, often containing more information about academic achievements than a resume.This meant that I put a lot more power into the sense resistor than my 'hot' wire - no detectable increase in wire temperature, but smoke and a warming glow from the sense resistor....Replaced it with the more robust resistor shown in the picture above, which acts as a nice room heater, but no measurable heating of the thermistor.So, our litle project for this Christmas holiday was to make ourselves a DIY gas chromatograph and see if we could use it to detect the difference between CO2 and Methane, which are the two main products I expect to see from the fermentation to produce biogas.Note that when I talked to some chemists about this they advised that I could do this much more easily using wet chemistry because of the significant differences between CO2 and Methane, but I am a physicist, so something using physical properties sounds much more fun!

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