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The “Science of Seduction” write-up was full of tantalizing promises, stating that Ariely would answer such burning questions as: “Do opposites attract?

My boyfriend and I can riff for hours about business, books, movies, pop culture, and politics, moving seamlessly from topic to topic, and laugh over something silly, like the fact that we both know the meaning of “twee.” That’s something that I’ve missed after years of more limited conversations.

So maybe the lesson is simply this: Life is better lived offline, whether you’re in a relationship or seeking one.

Women adopt a “budget” strategy in the larger group, becoming more selective about whom they date, whereas men use a “threshold” strategy, expressing interest in anyone who passes their minimum standards.

Dating opportunities shrink when there are gender imbalances, said Dr. He used an example of 101 women and 100 men, each armed with to keep as income or find a mate, to illustrate how the men would end up with almost all of the money. Thus, “Small inequalities lead to large inequalities,” said Dr.

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