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This site is just like any other buy and sell website, ebay or craig's list, but a bit better and allows escorts, which is probably why it's popular.Again, learn to use your brains and stop rating sites badly just because of your own stupidity! CHARMING “KEY WEST-STYLE” Craftsman Bungalow, Hollywood FL: Pristine Deco, 3/2; Naturescaped yard 1/3 acre, fruit trees. NEW YORK CITY ATTORNEY, 70, well read and well traveled, vigorous, eclectic, good listener, Francophile. NY, LA, SF, Chicago, Boston, Phoenix, Atlanta, Seattle, Dallas, Toronto, London and all major cities. I did not have any proof but if you guys do not believe it, then it's not my problem. Back then I could get responses but since other free classified sites like Craiglist went down, I never gotten any responses at all. Do we now have to pay just to be able to message people normally?You guys can have fun mingling with other scammers or the devs. Also the spam ads are turnoffs, and so do people who can't review properly here.i had my ads posted in the personals section for about a year and all of a sudden both ads were removed saying i never posted a ad.i removed my account and you will only get soliciting offers from this fake site I have been using locantos personals about a month this site is full of catfish, people trying to steel your credit card number and information.

Wait for one hour or so to look at movement of women or ladies. After this they tell some fake details of client and ask for security deposit of 25,000 to 30,000/ or even more. Some of their details: Name: BABITA BARUA from West Bengal.

even they tell you a location and you go all prepared and they ask you to paytm in the last minute before you intend to meet your requirements and after that it's gonna be fake .

I can't write down the numbers as the list is too big .

I called for serivices they ask me paid some money in advance so I paid and the told me that it will be available at ur place after some time they called back ask for full payment if I will not they will not provide services so I paid them full ....after getting they just switched off their no.

99 There are many fake ads , make sure you don't pay any advance at all ..

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