Dating a man who is separated from his wife

I am not saying that it's always a good relationship -- but they tend to jump in fast. If you know you're moving out of the area in 6 months and want to have some casual fun, then fine. The fact that I was only separated was a deal-breaker for some women. I started dating my DW before the divorce was finalized, and my being separated wasn't an issue for her.Stay cynical until he is really divorced, but separated men are not always bad men. If you're just dating and not looking for any commitment any time in the near future, then fine. She understood where I was emotionally regarding my previous marriage, and the I was sufficiently over that relationship to date her. This is a long way of saying it can work, and you should evaluate the guy based on his circumstances. I would have been more wary if he'd been separated less than a year or so.If you know you're moving out of the area in 6 months and want to have some casual fun, then fine. While the warnings from DCUM are valid, you should use them to inform your decision, not instead of making your own decision. He'd been separated almost three years, had separation agreement, and child custody and support agreements in place, filed tax returns separately for two years. I was seperated with divorce papers filed when I met my now DH. OP, he could be the greatest guy out there, but a mature person needs time to heal, learn what went wrong, including their part, and figure out who they are. Even between two amicable parties, divorce is gut wrenching.The Holidays have come back around and now she managed to get herself invited to our 1st Thanksgiving gathering here at home.For again the sake of the youngest daughter I feel obligated to say sure.He did have an issue with it, however for some bizzare reason my papers kept getting lost or misplaced in the courthouse, my lawyer had to re-file twice, no lie.

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It was definitely a me issue and had nothing to do with wanting my ex back.

Things went well the 1st year, the second year, I find now it's time to meet the ex-wife, she a nice person, easy to talk to, a bit brassy but nice.

But she still leans and depends on her ex husband a lot, my boyfriend.

Know that there is a bit of risk involved -- but isn't there always. After it reached the point where I gave her an ultimatum and we agreed to divorce, she moved out and away.

Most men who divorce enter another serious relationship within six months. If you're just dating and not looking for any commitment any time in the near future, then fine. I started dating while I was separated because I was emotionally comfortable with myself and what had happened, and I knew that I wanted to be in a relationship and wanted to have children.

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