Dating a man with spoiled children Chat videosxxx

So he told me leave his house after 3 months of marriage. I'm not consulted or asked, I'm told what's going to happen after my husband goes and speaks with his sister and her husband.

I'm always wrong and they are always right, doesn't matter what it is, unless my husband is ticked off at them for some reason, then it is their fault.

His dad also allowed him to play on the computer all night and would call the school and say he was sick if he was too tired to get up. She sleeps until noon regularly and plays on the computer all night.because obviously I was really hurt by what he said.He told me I disrespected him by calling him a selfish pig. Basically, I'm at the bottom of the list when it comes to anything.It didn’t matter that she cheated on him left and right and ultimately left him for someone he went to school with.He even put her on a pedestal after his son told him his mother raped him!

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