Dating an emotinal person

This hinders them from connecting with people and forming relationships in general.

So for those people, it might seem crazy that others can actually become so emotionally invested in others that it’s unhealthy.

There are some people who can truthfully fall in love this quickly but that’s the norm.

If you seem to be falling in love very fast with a lot of people after only two weeks, that’s a problem.

Not knowing how to do this can be just as harmful as feeling too much for someone.

[Read: 20 signs you’re really love sick and easy ways to get out of it] How to know when your emotional attachment is unhealthy For all of you love-struck folk out there, you might be wondering where you can draw the line between healthy attachment and unnatural obsession.

If he's bothering you during class, tell the teacher, he/she might be able to move your seat.

Because that’s what being overly emotionally attached to someone is, an obsession.

If you feel like you or someone you care about is feeling a little too strongly for someone, this is how you can determine if it’s unhealthy or not. This is obsessive behavior and for obvious reasons, it’s not healthy.

If you feel anxious, nervous, or panicked whenever you’re not together, it’s a sign your emotional attachment to them could be very unhealthy.

[Read: How to stop obsessing over someone you really like] #2 You fell in “love” within a couple weeks.

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