Dating an hiv positive woman

Setting an alarm is good – you could also keep your drugs in a pill box with the days of the week on it.Making a decision about whether or not to tell your friends (also called disclosing or sharing your diagnosis) about being HIV positive is different for everyone.

None of these things are true - people living with HIV fall in love, have sex, have fulfilling relationships, marry, have children (without passing on HIV) - all the things that people who don’t have HIV do. How do you explain what it means to be undetectable and about Pr EP?

Some people are open about it – perhaps you’ve grown up with it and everyone knows, and it’s not a big issue for you.

For others, fear of rejection, bullying or gossip makes telling people really difficult.

It's not that bad and there are times when you forget you have HIV.

Eventually, even when you remember you're positive, it's no longer an issue.

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