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A search for "Valentine 5K" or "Love the Run You're With" should turn up one of many couples' runs in your nearby city. Don't spend more than: to register, which goes straight to charity.Goes great with: New joggers (for you) and a hamstring massage (for her).Go big and plan a trip to Napa or Sonoma or keep it simple and stay local. Keep it small or invite all of your friends and family.Either way, the romantic beverage will have you and your S.

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Don't spend more than: —half on a bottle of wine, half on cheese and crackers.Buy Why she'll like it: Bars around the country sponsor "yappy hours"—that's cheap drinks, dogs allowed. Plus, the lowkey setting and mood lighting will soothe both of your frayed, wedding-planning nerves.Don't spend more than: — on drinks, on a designer dog biscuit. Don't spend more than: on two rounds of drinks, and for the doorman. Don't spend more than: for one night in a remote Airbnb.Don't spend more than: for the session and two bottles of Gatorade.Goes great with: A POV video of you both ascending (or rapidly descending) the wall, for the memories.

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