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Given the legal nature of the documents, however, it’s wise to have a legal representative review the language included in the MOU before it is signed.My boyfriend, John, and I had been dating close to four years when we started a food truck in northwest Florida. We saw the growing trend on the west coast and other large cities (yes, via the Travel Channel), and we believed we could do the same thing—sans any real cooking experience, of course.

Often when we feel an attitude coming on, we use the code “twilight zone,” to let each other know when we’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed out—it's kind of like a "proceed with caution" sign.Then the semester hit, and my mind became preoccupied with team projects, MLA, and statistics.One day, I forgot to remind John and the crew about a catering event.We missed out on the gig, and the business reputation we had worked hard to build was temporarily on the rocks.Lots of yelling ensued, and we went into our separate rooms again.

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    You see, my mother had previously dated a pedigreed investment banker who departed for New York City to dive into 18 hour work days. I asked my mother why she fell for my father.“I just wanted a real man that loved me and Montana.”My father eventually returned to school to get an engineering degree (and then a masters) but that was after my parents were married and I was born.