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God alone is truly our Father and we must learn to follow his leadership. Dream #2—The Accusation My wonderful, amazing wife was the key figure in my second dream.

It's a bit difficult to include my family members (especially my wife!

As you read, keep in mind that God will often use family members and friends in my prophetic dreams to represent a certain type of person.

It seems that I've been in one of those seasons where I'm left to respond to the revelation that has been communicated to me over the previous months and years instead of fresh, hot off the press news.My dad certainly was that type of person, and in real life, he was the one to lead many right into the presence of Jesus.He lived a remarkable life and there are countless people in relationship with Jesus today because of him.A very good, lifelong friend was the key player in this dream.My friend is a legitimate servant of Christ and has given his entire life to powerful, impactful ministry.

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