Dating fender princeton reverb amp

First of all, I don’t think this amp was new when you purchased it.

Based on the serialization Greg Gagliano compiled for the now defunct 20th Century Guitar magazine, the serial number in your amp of A268XX indicates it was produced in 1972.

I still don’t play, so I’d like to sell them, and I’m curious as to exactly what I have and how much they are worth. Jim in Forest Lake, MN Hey Jim, I’m sorry to hear about your dad passing.

It’s a shame neither of you kept up with guitar playing.

It features Fender’s trademark black Tolex covering, a silver/blue grille cloth, and a black handle. I noticed that the tremolo wasn’t working, and after some research discovered that the footswitch actually has to be plugged into the vibrato pedal footswitch jack on the back panel.

A borrowed footswitch from a silverface Super Reverb confirmed that the tremolo worked just fine.

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I inspected your amp thoroughly and did some research on it.There are extra tubes in the bottom of the cabinet and the ones installed do not match, so at least a few of them have been replaced.I don’t want to say that you were fooled into buying a new guitar amplifier in 1980, when it’s actually a 1972, because I don’t know all of the circumstances.Aside from a burned out pilot light and one scratchy potentiometer in the tone circuit, this amp played and sounded just as it should.It appears to be in near mint condition with alloriginal components, including the speaker.

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