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Surprise, surprise — a recent report from the Pew Research Center reveals that online dating is more socially acceptable now than ever before.

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He seems tolerant of my ignorance, though, and we eventually make it out for coffee. I purposely steer us away from politics, and instead ask about his hobbies.

"She was trashing Clinton, and he was trashing Bush," Coleman says. "But Coleman says values often go deeper than politics.

They're still very different in their political views, but they respect one another. I mention this to Coleman, and she concedes that relationships usually work better when similarities outweigh differences.

Conservatives Only is the site for you if you want to stop wasting your time with undesirables (which here means liberals, Democrats, progressives, Communists and Marxists) and find someone who shares your passion for life, liberty, and love.

Though the conservative site does not prohibit atheists or other lily-livered liberals from joining, searches for same-sex preferences or people of color will yield few results.

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