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ICICLES Dating Card Game Introducing ICICLES, the first ever card game for dating! ICICLES uses tiny cards on a keyring that fit in a purse or pocket.

Love Hina is the story of Keitaro Urashima, a student trying to get into Tokyo University.

Unfortunately, he’s failed to pass the entrance exams twice, making him a second-year Ronin (ronin is a Japanese name given to those who fail to pass the entrance exam).

This harem dating sim plays like an interactive graphic novel.

It's primarily text-based, with some top-down exploration.

123 chapters of Love Hina were originally serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine. Best advice I can give you is always keep your eyes open, speak to many girls with an open mind, and if you see a girl you like, casually strike up a conversation - don't be shy.

Also, it's highly unlikely that you will find a girl who's EVERY characteristic is identical, so try deciding which factors are MOST important and looking for those in a girl.

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