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Destination ticket points are cut in half for tickets with the city occupied by Alvin or Dexter at the end of the game.Halloween Freighter[ edit ] Released in Octoberthe Halloween Freighter expansion is a set of Halloween themed trains and stations that can be used to replace one of the train sets from any Ticket to Ride game.

Deutschland [ edit ] In October Zug um Zug: It is an expansion for Zug um Zug: Germany" — itself a reworking of Ticket to Ride: There are also passengers, positioned in cities before the start of the game.i enjoy natures quirks and want to share them with that special one.i keep a healthy lifestyle which mostly involves surfing and swimming and walking (taking photos).During the game, players collect passengers to score even more bonus points for the most passengers in given color.The expansion is only available in Germany and Austria.

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