Dating lucchese boots

We will still accommodatewalk up customers for fittings and purchase, but only after pre-order customers are served.On average, your custom boots can take up to 15 weeks for a Lucchese artisan to make. Some leathers like snake skin cannot be sold across the Canadian or California borders.It has been 8 weeks and I have not heard anything, is everything OK?Yes, all is well with your order in almost all instances.When checking out during a Boots pre-order in our online store system, you will notice the base price is set at 0 which is where our most affordable boots start out.If you select a style with options like exotic leathers or custom features, there will be an additional charge.

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In the realm of Lucchese Boots manufacturing, a few days, even a couple weeks from the stated estimated ship date is not unusual at all.

They usually ship in 6 - 8 weeks directly to you from the Lucchese Bootmaker factory in El Paso, Texas.

Lucchese Bootmaker offers an enormous selection of choices when it comes to their Made in El Paso, Texas boots.

From many different leather and skin choices to colors to toes and heels, the options are incredible.

Due to that it is impossible to keep everything in stock that is possible for Lucchese to make.

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