Dating sassy woman

She will voice her opinions, she’ll speak what’s on her mind, and she’ll be very determined when pursuing her goals and pursuing you.

Not only will she push you, but she’ll push through whatever’s thrown her way, and having that type of person by your side is invaluable.

The best girls are really the ones who know how to act either way in a specific setting.

Wouldn’t it just be wonderful to be with someone who follows their ambitions? She will inspire you and you will also learn what it means to desire something. Not only will she make you feel super special, but she will also fill your life with love and affection.

So, my dear, you need a girl who will speak her mind. She will speak what she wants to and whenever she wants to. Date the girl who won’t stop herself from eating to her heart’s content. You will surely be able to see something that most people don’t: a free girl who does not care about the beauty standards that the society wants to force upon her.

Note to self: if you’re not well-versed in the art of strutting around the sloped streets of Soho/LKF in heels, just wear the damn flats. So now I was armed with these tips from the expert, it was a case of putting them into practice.

I decided to try them out on a dinner date with a male friend.

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