Dating sober addict

One of the best things about dating in sobriety is that people in recovery know how to take care of their mind, body, and soul.While some do it through exercise, hobbies, or 12-step involvement, others do it through prayer and mediation.In order to start a romantic or sexual relationship, we must have spent a lot of time getting to know ourselves.It’s important to know who we are when we don’t have a drink or drug in our hands – especially when the person we’re getting to know isn’t the type of person we would have been interested in our drinking days.Sobriety is an extremely personal achievement, so are you supposed to open up about it to someone you just met?The answer to this depends on a multitude of factors.With over 23 million people in recovery from addiction, there’s a good chance the person you are dating also has been affected by substance use disorder.

If you want to start sharing your life, make sure you have a good one of your own first.No matter if we begin by swiping left or right on a dating app or try meeting someone at a social function – the fear of vulnerability and rejection can keep us stuck.Though, when we begin to experience it, it may not turn out so bad as it seems to be.Sometimes it’s annoying and inconvenient, but recovery should take priority above everything else.Relapse can remain a threat even with decades of sobriety.

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