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Wow half way down the list and we have already stooped down to posting a personal ad. In any case, if you are really looking for someone random to get a hold of you lets say in Jacksonville, you could always post a personal ad and see what kind of tranny trap might be interested.

If you are a shemale in Jacksonville and actually read newspapers you could try posting in a paper (or an e-paper) such as the Florida Times in the section.

They know how to do their nails, style their feminine hair, do their pretty tgirl make-up and overall be more sexy than a genetic woman.

A shemale in Florida is usually known as a shemale trap because men often can not tell the difference between a normal girl and a cute Florida she-male.

My Local is the #1 shemale dating site in the United States for a reason!

Get in, get out, and start meeting some cute shemales on Miami beach.

Some people are curious about the lifestyle and are not sure about if they are ready for it.

A good way to discover how you feel about the whole thing is to associate yourself with the culture.

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To find some of the trans friendly nightclubs in your area try this google search of .If you live in the sunshine state and know how beautiful these gurls can be you are likely searching for .This top ten list of the best ways to meet a shemale in Florida should help you in your quest to get laid.Finding a cute shemale in Tampa Bay can be really easy and feel normal when you take the stress out of the equation.Getting to know someone seems more natural when you can read their bio and look at some of their pictures.

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