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You can also specify multiple comma-separated field values for the Data Key Names property, for example if you need more than one value to be passed to the details data source in a master-details scenario.Ole Db, which does not have support for named parameters so the order in which parameters are appended to the command must match the order of anonymous parameter placeholders '?Conflict Detection is only meaningful for Updates and Deletes.VB Data Parameters You can change the order in which parameters are appended to the command by Sql Data Source by adding static Parameter object to the parameters collection for a data source operation in the preferred order." "20- D;k iz Lrqr okn foc U/ku ds fl)k Ur ls ckf/kr g S\ " "20.

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Plaintiff and appellant, both adduced 42 witnesses each, i.e.

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Whether alleged Abhishek (coronation) of defendant on 14/15th November 1989 as Shankaracharya of Jyotishpeeth is illegal and against Rules ?

Whether the suit is barred by principles of estoppel and acquiescence ?

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