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Nonreligious couples who watch porn together seem to be quite well insulated from experiencing any negative effects from porn use.But, isn’t watching porn the equivalent of cheating—getting sex outside the marriage? Phil has suggested that watching porn is “not OK” and likely opens the door to cheating.And I think many people would agree with my opinion if they read the article linked in the article above.Again, if you had actually bothered to read the article about Dr.Phil is not a produce BECAUSE he is considerate of his wife.I should perhaps have been more accurate in countering that it is possible for him to be caring for his wife, yet be a prude.And the explicitly religious organization Covenant Eyes declares that using porn is cheating, because it is “engagement with a digital prostitute despite one’s vow to forsake all others.” So now, research sheds some interesting light on this question, and helps to reveal that not all people view porn use as cheating—in fact, most don’t. Things get really interesting when Negy and researchers examine what characteristics predict a person's viewing porn as cheating. S., compared to Spain, was associated with viewing porn as cheating. What was even more interesting in this research however, was the finding that in respondents from the U. When one marries or enters into a long term committed relationship, the central aspect of the deal is that you give up including other people in your sexual and emotional intimate moments.

Recent research is finding that the effects of porn on marriage vary greatly, depending upon some characteristics of the marriage and the porn use.

But if they find out you are watching porn in secret, or have lied about it, then there are issues of secrecy and deception to deal with. No one is too worried about cheating, and they are screwing anything that moves. Can't see how this study applies to the general population of long-term couples. Sheesh Actually, he is very much a prude as he is portrayed in the article linked in this article. Oh, so you're the morally superior one here, and people like me are just animals? There are plenty of people who are totally insecure about having their spouse even looking at someone else -- the problem there is likely not so much on the person who looks, but the person who is overly jealous.

If you start to talk about your sexual and relational values, then you can start to have a deeper, more accepting, honest relationship, where you can even discuss issues such as sexual privacy, or how the two of you might deal with temptations of infidelity. Can't see how this study applies to the general population of long-term couples. I know when I start watching porn in a relationship, it’s because I’m not as invested in the woman anymore. I could see why someone would feel that was verging on cheating. I'm not talking to the characters in those films either. Your argument just lost all of its intellectual force. Porn is for many couples in the middle of that decision scale.

The vast majority of men have viewed porn, and it's not abnormal or unhealthy for many of them. Women are helpless victims, too stupid to realize when they're being "used", unlike men, who are always intelligent and conniving in the porn world. Phil, presumably, this would even apply to porn made by women for women. Phil's opinion to "prudishness" whereas Anna countered with "care for his wife" and some sort of morality, for which at least some semblance of evidence exists. Phil a prude, and in no way suggests that you said he didn't care for his wife.

Even when women are making money on their own porn and selling it to women, somehow they're all abusing themselves, I suppose. It's a little ironic to talk about the "intellectual force of arguments" when you lead with "Actually, he is very much a prude," shortly followed by gems like "Actually, it's not uncommon," and "utter nonsense." I don't think you should expect to change many minds that way. Unfailingly ironic, it was you who set up the straw man here.

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