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We don’t have to like or date every man or woman who likes us; we do need to treat them as eternally valuable made ones.Online dating has made it so much easier to treat them as virtually nothing.Wi-Fi, one of the greatest achievements in communications technology, should have made romance so much easier — more people, less driving, more access.Instead, it seems to have blurred the lines we needed, leaving us even more lonely and less likely to find wedded bliss.They don’t go to sleep at night dreaming about how to get you married.They go to sleep, wake up in the morning, and work extremely hard to make money — from you or anyone else.I fear, however, that too many Christians have instead reluctantly climbed aboard with Jack Sparrow, expecting to find a stowaway among the crew to marry, while blindly riding into whatever trouble the ship takes them.

If the current trends continue, what will the pursuit of marriage be like in twenty years? Well, because despite all the new and innovative ways to find love, “People are lonelier than ever. They play the sympathetic matchmaker up front, but they’re more like the Gamemaker in — pulling whatever levers necessary, at whatever cost to you, to get what they really want.

The websites and apps have manifestly facilitated random sex and superficial flirtation, but they seem to have done far less to help us find love.

Far from solving our problems, they have often multiplied and complicated them, leaving many feeling like we’re driving blindfolded — until the inevitable crash into greater heartache and deeper loneliness. Because of him, in the midst of all of the confusion and heartache, we have an anchor and a refuge.

The apostle Paul warns, “The love of money is a root of all kinds of evils” (1 Timothy ).

If your priorities and desires are shaped by Christ, then I’m sure dating websites and apps can be one good way to meet your future spouse — like a pirate ship in the hands of a just captain.

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