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In the middle of Charles Barkley joking about Andre Iguodala needing a 1-5000 jump shot summer and Dwayne Wade’s take on how bad Philly was getting beat, laughter broke out in the studio. Wade: “(laugh) I’ve been waiting to address this..” Wade: “We’re friends just like a lot of celebrities.. Richardson (6’6, 200) is the perfect candidate for this.He’s a young, team guy who doesn’t mind doing the dirty work on both offense and defense.

There were instances where Josh, an obvious guard would get a big time block on the defensive end, setting up a fast break and a Sportscenter Top 10 dunk to end the entire sequence on the offensive end.

Richardson could be the undoubted defensive specialist who guards the best perimeter player on each and every team the Heat face.

Dion Waiters showed that he has the ability to be a lockdown defender at times in Oklahoma City but just like his offensive game, it was inconsistent.

Dwayne Wade was the number one guy and often ran the offense himself although he was a shooting guard on the roster.

Dragic is simply a better player when he’s in control of the offense. When Wade was in Miami, everyone, including Goran, knew who the number one guy was on offense and who the ball was going to.

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