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In each tableau the significance of expertise as a source of influence can be questioned.

Where “experts” have influence, it is because of their rather than the content of their expertise.

La conclusion d’ensemble est que si les « experts » ont de l’influence, ils le doivent davantage à leur statut qu’au contenu de leur expertise.

Max Weber était lui-même ambivalent à propos de l’importance de l’expertise et il est probable que la fonction qu’on lui prête – celle de renforcer les rôles bureaucratiques dans la fabrication des politiques publiques – ait été exagérée.

However, the cases that were selected show wide variation in the variables associated with the importance of expertise –above all how “technical” the legislation is and how far its development required some degree of specialist knowledge.

While the cases are certainly not a random sample of government legislation, if expertise is associated with bureaucratic power, we would at least expect to find some evidence of the relationship in this sample of cases.

Les données recueillies y sont présentées sous la forme de trois tableaux décrivant trois situations différentes : le fonctionnaire comme expert ; le fonctionnaire comme mobilisateur d’expertise ; le fonctionnaire au service de l’expertise.

The tableaux to be discussed in this paper will be described in some more detail later on, but a short description can be given here.

They are based on three separate relationships between bureaucrats and experts; where bureaucrats themselves are experts, where bureaucrats have experts at their disposal and where bureaucrats are themselves subordinated to experts.

Such considerations make it difficult to devise a set of case studies that control for the array of variables that might affect the impact of bureaucratic expertise on public policy.

In this paper, I would like to approach the question of the impact of bureaucratic expertise from the perspective of evaluating three tableaux of bureaucratic expertise.

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