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Too many people know how to use the words but do not really understand the concepts the words represent. The root from which ethike was derived is the Greek word athos (noun form) or eiotha (verb form).

In its early usage athos meant a swelling or a stall referring to a place where an animal was kept.

What responsibility do I have to honesty, truthfulness and fairness in my relationships with others?

What responsibility do I have to exert spiritual influence in all my relationships with others?

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The New Testament gives definite emphasis to Christian marriage and is specific about Christian men and women's responsibility in marriage.

" All of these questions share one thing in common: each is a question concerning ethical decisions and moral responsibilities.

That fact alone makes courtship a spiritual matter.

As this study begins, someone might well ask, "How can the topic of courtship be considered a religious topic?

By what right can any person say a study of courtship is a spiritual study which deserves a place in a Christian's private studies or a place in the church's education program?

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