Fake members on dating sites

First off we created a profile of a 66 year old man with no photograph in his profile page.Why would so many young women with nude profiles want to contact a 66 year old man who has no photograph in his profile? This is all completely fabricated using very sophisticated computer software programs that have built being built exclusively to manipulate and trick male members into believing they're being contacted by hot local women.

Some network sites make money from advertisements and member communication, while others like to inflate their member base to make it look as though users have plenty of matches to choose from.A lot of people have fallen for this hook, line and sinker.They establish a connection with what they think is a real person and so they trust them enough to go the extra mile in order to maintain communication.It's all a sham being used to get male members to upgrade to paid memberships.In the previous section section of this investigation we showed you a screenshot showing our profile was completely empty now but we are showing you a screenshot of just one of the many pretend instant messages that we received while we were logged into

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