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Those fighting for rights are no longer looking at success as being defined by the standards and approval of the dominating culture (largely white men.) And as a result, instead of looking at polarizing in-equalities we have to explore unifying equalities that exist in a broader cultural landscape and increasingly varied social locations.

Where the language was once “level the playing field” and “war on: poverty, sexism, racism, etc.” (language that subtly implies winners and losers) the language must now speak of community, interdependence and universal balance if we are to actually avoid negating (or worse obliterating) one another all together.

Adopting an attitude of “I’ve got mine” is cultural violence that ultimately will not sustain progress. The only way we can actually know one another is by sharing real relationships with each other without value judgements and comparisons.

Shockingly, the “I’ve got mine” violence usually takes the form of silence. My gayness does not diminish your straightness; her Judaism doesn’t diminish your Islam; and indeed, black male achievement does not mean white male failure.

I feel helpless” I have had several recent interactions like this with white men where they ask or say something to the effect of “can I do anything right? I read a lot of blogs and online content and often when a piece involves statements about colonialism or inequality and race, there is increasing backlash in the comments from white men who feel vilified and targeted as being the source of all cultural ills.

President Obama is poised to launch the “My Brother’s Keeper” Initiative.

” His face was a perfect picture of genuine frustration and vulnerability.

It is a cultural behavior with built in assumptions: “all girls do that,” “she didn’t mean any harm,” “gee, its a little sexy”…all in all not considered a life threatening situation, despite being a direct invasion of personal space.

Yet, the state of Florida has once again been through a racially charged trial based on another kind of cultural behavior that somehow, has, once again been treated as a life threatening situation.

— Scenario 1: Hair There and Everywhere A white woman was shot to death this morning after an altercation with a black man at a lunch counter.

“She kept hitting me with her long hair when she tossed it” theman said as he was led away in handcuffs “They’re always tossing their hair, never minding who it hits and where if flies…and this one had one of those whiny, whiny voices and played with her food like a two year old…it was too much, I just snapped.” This actually happened inside my head last weekend when I was having lunch in Los Angeles.

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