Forget dinner dating

Grab a blanket and a picnic basket, head to the grocery store for food and booze, then enjoy the afternoon.” Sometimes the simplest route is the best.

There are certain things that you can only do in the daytime — namely, an adventure date.

“You’ll be working with a canvas and painter’s palette while creating your masterpieces side by side with drinks in hand.” House advises to call ahead and check on the alcohol situation: some classes will serve you and others are BYOB.

Even if what you paint together turns out a little heinous, you’ve still made something together — and your kids will probably appreciate their new posters.

There are…Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse aren't the only Riverdale actors who transitioned from an onscreen romance to an IRL relationship.

As much as I shipped Archie and Veronica, I may be even more into Reggie and Veronica, and that's good, because…Just because you've hooked up with someone, doesn't necessarily mean they can't be part of your life in other ways.

“One quality that’s routinely compromised in couples that need to be responsible parents is the ability to seek adventurous play,” says Winter.You had hours to devote to each other and all the variety in the world when it came to activity. “Baseball games aren’t just America’s favorite pastime — they are also great date destinations,” says Laurel House, expert dating coach.“They’re conducive to more conversation, and the nosebleed seats are the way to go as long as you buy baseball caps, hotdogs, and cheap beer.” You can get friendly bets going, teach your wife how the game works — or just chat aimlessly as the action happens on the field.“Most cities have venues that offer free or inexpensive live music and activities.If you can’t find a great spot that offers daytime music, then simply pick a beautiful place, bring a small portable music player and head out.

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